Friday, February 26, 2010

Episode #11... still in the works!

Hey Everyone, just want to let you all know that episode 11 is still being written/developed. Sorry for the delay. I was really hoping to have this out sooner.  We're going to have a featured musician on this episode by the name of Stacey Fitzpatrick. She played at South Jersey Pagan Pride Day, and I'm glad to finally have her on the show! Check her and her music out on her Myspace page just click her name! 

Also we'll be interviewing author and Wiccan High Priest PanOrpheus as we explore divination, cause and effect, coincidence, synchronicity and more in the next episode!

I can't wait to bring it to you!

BB / 93!


Monday, February 15, 2010

Episode #001 hits 2,000 downloads!

It took nearly a year, but Episode #001 - The Curse of Being Weird has been the first episode to hit 2,000 downloads!


BB / 93!

1,475 listeners on average!

I assume (ass-u-me) if I add the episode with the current highest downloads and the episode with the current lowest and divide that by two, that would give me a good estimate on the amount of listeners this podcast has. For your curiosity that equation currently comes out to 1,475 listeners on average. I can be happy with that! :-)

Thank you to everyone who listens to and supports the show!

BB / 93!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Episode #11 is in the works!

Just want to say that I have been writing out Episode #11 and I am looking forward to bringing it to you. I just hope the interviews I want for the show come through as I think they are going to be great aspects to the episode.

*crosses fingers*

BB / 93!


Sunday, February 7, 2010

The NING Network

Who was I kidding right? I should have known myself better in that me playing with the idea of creating a NING network for the podcast would just lead me to actually making a NING network for the podcast! 

For those unaware as to what a NING Network is, a NING network is like having Myspace for yourself and your friends (best analogy possible, and similar to  I don't mean a myspace page for you and your friends, I mean itself!  And if you're already on Witch School ( or (http://figure_it_out) then you're already on the NING Network and you should join the show site on there as well! :-)

The Show NING Network combines all of the regular features found on the website and other social networking sites.  There is a chat, a forum, a place for pictures and video. It allows members who have their own pages on the network (similar to having a myspace, paganspace, or facebook page). The Frappr map can be found there, there is also a player for the show so the podcast can be listened to. RSS feeds for the regular show blog and a blog for the show notes are also found there. Members can create groups, friend other members, chat, post pictures and videos, as well as post in the forum which may become the official show forum as I already allowed the network chat room to replace the show chat room since it had it's own and it just functions better.

The NING Network site could become a serious central hub for the podcast along with the website ( which will still contain all show links, show info, scripts, and the library.  It could really establish an interesting online aspect to the show itself, it just needs YOU to help make live up to its full potential!

The NING network can be found at and a link for it is also listed within the sidebar on the show website.

Please become a part of network!

Thank you everyone for your time, attention, and support!

BB / 93!


Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Podcast Ning Network!

At the moment I am playing with the idea of having a NING network for the show which could combine all the various elements that I already have for the show (forum, blog, chat, etc) which can be found all over the internet via the show website. Any thoughts?

The NING network can currently be found at

Please let me know what you think of this idea. I'm not entirely familair with NING other than my experiences with it via

BB / 93!