Saturday, December 5, 2009

Episode #009 - Pagan Pride Day

In this episode, we show our pride by revisiting South Jersey Pagan Pride Day, which occurred back on October 11th, 2009. We learn that pagan pride has nothing to do with joining a biker gang. We speak with Henry Buchy, a Feri Initiate and Teacher. We learn about Gerald Gardner in A Corner in the Occult. We speak with South Jersey Pagan Pride secretary Janet Mays. We read listener letters. And to close I sit back down with Amie Tolomeo who we spoke with in episode seven.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Leave a Voice Message for the Show!

I have installed a voice messaging system for the podcast. So if you like, visit the show website, scroll down, and underneath the Frappr map is a widget that allows one to phone call messages to the show. Messages left do not instantly become publicly listenable, but can be played via the widget once they have been approved, and your message may even be played in a future episode of the podcast!

BB / 93!


P.S. Episode #009 is in the works!

Friday, November 27, 2009

New Show Library

I just published the new manuscripts page on the show website which contains the beginning of a show library that contains any texts and related documents so far mentioned on the show. I look forward to adding to this page throughout the course of the show. Though, there are only so many occult books/documents available in a pdf format. Enjoy!

Episode #009 coming soon.

BB / 93!


Monday, November 16, 2009

Thanks Zaracon!

My guest appearance on The Zaracon Show went well. I had a blast and I hope to be able to do it again! If you haven't listened to it, you should. heh.

BB / 93!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

A Guest on The Zaracon Show!

Tomorrow night (11/15 @ 8pm Eastern) I will be a guest on The Zaracon Show previously known as the Hicwitch. We'll be talking about paranormal investigation. It's also a live show which means you can call in which is an advantage that we don't have on The Infinite and the Beyond!

If you want to be able to chat, you will need to get a free listeners account with blogtalkradio, so you can use the chat room capabilities.

I hope to be hearing from you tomorrow night!

BB / 93!


Thursday, November 12, 2009

Tokyo is no more

Ladies and Gentlemen.

The immanent Godzilla has arrived on Podcast Alley.

The Infinite and the Beyond has been relocated to Third Place.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Three days and counting...

It's been three days since the obtainment of second place, but who is counting. Who knew it would have been this long? Though, the tide is slowly turning as Godzilla begins his great approach from the third dimension.

Soon Tokyo will be no more... again no more... again.

BB /93!


*is also working on Episode #009 - Pagan Pride Day

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Now in 2nd Place on Podcast Alley!

Today the show went from 4th place to 2nd Place in the "Religion and Spirituality" category on Podcast Alley! Thank you everyone who made this possible!

Here is proof for the time being. At the suggestion of a Close listener, a screen capture was done to memorialize the event. Though only being November 8th, the show made it to second place, moving ahead of The Wigglian Way. It can only be assumed that The Wigglian Way will soon overshadow The Infinite and the Beyond similar to one of Godzilla's visits to Tokyo and The Infinite and the Beyond will have to yield the 2nd place standing to The Wigglian Way or to one of the other podcasts waiting to seize control. But for now... The Infinite and the Beyond will enjoy it's 2nd place standing if only for a short while.

It should also be mentioned that all the shows listed in the top ten of this screen capture are pagan podcasts and that sixteen of the top twenty podcasts are as well! WooWhoo!

BB / 93!


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

on iTunes and Podcast Alley

Just saw the show listed as #5 in the Religion and Spirituality: Other category on iTunes and the show is currently at #4 in the same category on Podcast Alley!

Thank you everyone for your support!

BB / 93!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

#008 - That Old Black Magick

We take a personal stab at the concepts of good and evil. We have some fun with a capital W. We look into the Principle of Polarity in our journey through The Kybalion. I read listener email and announce a contest for this episode. I play a variety of show promos. As we address the controversial idea and existence of black magick from a traditional as well as from a philosophical perspective throughout the entirety of the show.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Good Luck Feithline!

Darkly Fey from The Dark Side of Fey has begun a new podcast called Spiritscast which can be found on iTunes and online at Good luck with the new show Feithline!

As for me... I have been diligently working on finishing the script for the eighth episode. It's nearly done and I'm getting that happy feeling from it so I think it going be a great show too.
I'm looking forward to it!

BB /93!


Saturday, October 10, 2009

SJPPD '09 : Pagan Podcasting Workshop

The following three pdf files are here for those who attended my Pagan Podcasting Workshop at the South Jersey Pagan Pride Day on October 11th 2009. They have been made available for those who either did not receive a handout because I did not have enough or who wanted their own copies of the outlines I was referencing during the workshop.

About Pagan Podcasting (pdf)

A Listing of Some Popular Pagan Podcasts (pdf)

Create Your Own Show (pdf)

Regardless, thank you to those of you who attended South Jersey Pagan Pride and who attended my workshop!

BB / 93!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

A Front Page, Featured Podcast on iTunes!

I received a pleasant surprise yesterday and an even greater one today when the show was not only listed in the top ten of the "Religion & Spirituality: Other" category on iTunes, but was listed as one of the featured podcasts on the main page of the same category! Believe me when I say that I'm not boasting, I'm shocked and overjoyed by this.

I have no idea how iTunes functions and how it rates and lists podcasts as ones which have been obsolete, and are no longer available, still seem to be listed in the top 100 along side shows which are still available and others which are still producing episodes? I guess it's just one of those great mysteries of podcasting. Anyway, I am happy and thrilled regardless of the circumstances to see the show featured on the main page!

For the record, I'm trying to get episode eight out soon as I would like to have it available at least a week before South Jersey's Pagan Pride Day. We'll just have to see how this goes...

Wish me luck!

BB / 93!


Thursday, September 24, 2009

HT Podcast #293 Introduction...

Thank you Gene and Bryan from Hometown Tales for playing my episode introduction for your 293 podcast!

I just had to submit something for that episode, do I need to explain? 93 *COUGH*

Anyway Gene and Bryan do a great podcast and have been doing it for a long time. It's fun and weekly! And they do it live where people can chat with them as they record the show.

Check out their website by visiting the title link posted here.

Hometown Tales #293 - The fish with human teeth, man-killing eagle, the town with no tales, the suicidal milllion and much much more.

Live video of show available here...

Thanks again!

BB / 93!


Saturday, September 5, 2009

Perchten Procession

Wow, when you just do a search for 'perchten' on Google the number of pictures that comes up is pretty impressive. This event seems to be very big and fun. HA!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

#007 - Paganism and Being Pagan

In this episode, a discussion of the meaning of paganism and being Pagan with Amie Tolomeo co-owner of Sun and Moon a south Jersey Metaphysical Shoppe and co-coordinator of the South Jersey Pagan Pride Day. I respond to listener email and talk about paranormal investigation, how to spot poor investigative practices and recognize misinformed ghost hunter groups. We learn about Hermes Trismegistus and Hermeticism in A Corner of the Occult. We see who won the copy of Arthur Hinds’ album Poetry of Wonder. And we discuss the Principle of Vibration as we continue with our journey through The Kybalion.

Links: Asclepius, Corpus Hermeticum, Perchten Procession, Proud Pagan Podcasters, Mid-Atlantic Paranormal Research, The Orthodox Druid Blog, Sun and Moon Metaphysical Shoppe, South Jersey Pagan Pride Day.

Promos: Get Witchified, Get out of the Broom Closet, A Pagan Heart in Maine, The College Witch, Pagan Centered Podcast.

Music: Alexandre Falcao, Arthur Hinds, Linda Holzer, David Parker, Persian Paladin, Ted Tunes, George Wood.

Credits: Podsafe Audio , Podsafe Music Network.


Monday, July 27, 2009

Podcast Desktop Graphic

Hello all,

I was making a personal desktop show graphic for myself to use and it dawned on me that I should share it with the world in case anyone would like to have a large version of the podcast icon I use for the show. I currently have this graphic on my desktop ("centered" not "tiled or stretched") and I think its looks pretty spiffy so if you're interested click on the link to see it or right click on the link and "Save Target As" if you want it.

Download here:

When I get around to doing shirts for the show I will include a link to this desktop icon on that page when it happens. Until then enjoy it here!

BB / 93!

**is also working on episode #007**

Saturday, July 11, 2009

ATTENTION: I have now been able to log in to again! So, I have been having fun and making friends! Come and join me and the podcast on there if you have yet to do so. :-D

My Page -

Podcast Group-

BB / 93!
~ Chris

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Website updated!

The new website has been published! I hope everyone likes it. Its a modified version of the previous website so the content is mostly the same. The presentation have changed slightly and now there is a mp3 player on the home page so the show can now be listened to driectly from the website. ;-)

Most happy.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

#006 The Modern Spirit of Paganism

In this episode I discuss the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn in A Corner in the Occult. We talk with musician and Emerald Rose member Arthur Hinds about his new solo album, Poetry of Wonder and I play "Cast Away" and "Pantheon" from it. I see who won the contest from episode #005 and announce the contest for the next episode. I discuss the value of change in honor of International Pagan Values Blogging Month. I explore the Principle of Correspondence in our third installment of The Kybalion. And to close, I discuss The Modern Spirit of Paganism, which is a seminar I did for South Jersey's Pagan Pride Day back in 2006.

Links: Arthur Hinds, The College Witch, Toil and Trouble, South Jersey Pagan Pride Day, International Pagan Values Blogging Month, Scarlet Woman Lodge, Lunar Adorations, Liber Resh vel Helios, Pagan Pride Day

Promos: The Wigglian Way, A Pagan Heart in Maine, Lakefront Pagan Voice, Geek Witch, Pagan FM, Media Astra Ac Terra

Featured Music: "Cast Away" and "Pantheon" from Poetry of Wonder by Arthur Hinds

Monday, June 29, 2009

Update on Episode #006

Almost done recording Episode #006. I started yesterday, did a lot of editing, still have some (not much) to go. It will definitely be over an hour long which is always nice. :-)

So far, each episode has been longer than the one before it (not counting the combocast)

Can't wait to get it out, but it's important to not rush the production of it. Each episode is only released and heard first once and will be available for a long time so its important to do it right the first time.

Sorry, just me thinking out loud... :-D

Sunday, June 21, 2009

IPVBM 2009: #2 Thelemic Ethics

In Thelema, for those who may not be aware of it, there is this concept of everyone having a True Will, which is similar to a divine path or destiny for lack of better term. It was revealed in the Book of The Law as Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law. The Thelemite, a follower of Thelema, constantly pursues their True Will whatever that may be. However, no one person can determine this for another and everyone may have their own unique way of finding, pursuing, and determining just what direction thier True Will is leading them in. So, we have no way of knowing if everyone is actually pursuing thier True Will or not, there's no way to be sure. What we have to hope is that the great cosmic, if even chaotic, machine of existence reveals this to us over time.

In regards to ethics, Thelema has the craziest context in which to base the definition of right and wrong. For instance, in the case of the concept of their being a True Will, that which is not in alignment with one's Will or even against it would be considered as being wrong regardless of what one's everyday society would say in regards to a particular act.

For example, stealing, regarded as being wrong in a none Thelemic world, would be right if it were to occur in a Thelemic world and were in alignment with the Will of the 'thief' (also implying that stealing and the idea of theft were still existent in a Thelemic world).

Theoretics aside, we live in the world that does conform to or reflect Thelema. Much like any minority faith tradition or philosophy, Thelema mostly exists at a personal level, which may, at times, not allow it to be easily practiced or applied to the greater world. Though, we can do anything we choose to do, we are unable to thwart the ramifications of our action by sighting our religion as an excuse or justification.
Despite having a law like the Law of Thelema, Thelemites may be unable to fulfill their Will at times due to other societal or worldly concerns. Most of us, after all, live in countries founded or based within other religious traditions and often have to find a medium ground between who we were are and the society in which we live. Regardless of our faith, our ethics more often stem more from the societies and cultures in which we were raised in and not necessarily from our faith. It would then be relevant to ask how much of our upbringing do we impose upon our faith and vice versa?

Sunday, June 14, 2009

IPVBM 2009: #1 Proselytization

When I was driving home from work the other day I saw a not so unfamiliar sight along the side of the road. A man, riding a bike wearing black dress pants, a perfectly white short sleeve dress shirt with a black tie, helmet, and backpack. I'm sure I knew who he was as people dressed similar to him are often seen biking along the road of this area. Who was he you ask? He was probably a Mormon out doing what Mormon's do in my area which is awkwardly ride bikes in dress clothes up and down the street, delivering pizza. Just kidding. He was probably out fulfilling his duties as a young Mormon boy by spreading the words of Joseph Smith to the local masses. This made me begin to think about proselytization and how its not really a Neo-Pagan practice and I would even say that it is generally looked down upon in the Neo-Pagan communities. Meaning as Neo-pagans we don't try and convert people who are not Neo-Pagans, or do we?
Most of us would say no we don't proselytize as a community, but how many of us who say and think this have not at one time argued or discussed the blatant pagan symbolism and themes found in Easter and Christmas with someone who was a Christian? I know I have been guilty of this in the past and whether we like it or not I would say that by doing this we are to a small degree proselytizing. Because by doing so we are poking holes in another faith's tradition and practices to reveal a 'truth.' We may not be trying to get them to accept a particular deity, pantheon, or religious tradition, but by yanking some of the rug out from under them we are attacking and degrading the fabric of what they know and enjoy about their religion.
So, though proselytization is not a direct practice or religious obligation found in the many forms of Neo-Pagan traditions, and is typically something that is not approved of in Neo-Paganism in general, we may, at times, find ourselves engaged in such behavior as a result of the zeal we have for our faith and the lingering issues we may still harbor with the faith/s which we have since converted from. It's important to not allow our zeal to get the best of us and, despite what we know or think, to keep from addressing the understanding of others if doing so serves our own interests more than theirs.
And now a test: Did you ever notice how Easter is on a different day every year? The date for Easter is found according to the Full Moon. Easter is always on the first sunday, after the first Full Moon, after the Spring Equinox!
Try and not tell a Christian that one.
This has been a test of the Neo-Pagan Anti-Proselytization Movement!

IPVBM 2009: #0 Preface

Well it's already half-way through the month and I have yet to participate in International Pagan Values Blogging Month. This does not go to say that I have not been thinking about it and what to blog about. My issue was what to use for the podcast and what to leave for the show blog? So, I've decided to just write and to not stress out over these blogs, but to allow them to simply be wanderings of thought and not polished or near polished essays. Afterall, I have enough trouble writing out the podcast which is why they usually come out once a month. I have been considering using notes instead of writing out every show.... Anyway the entries for this blogathon may seem wandering and random, but I think they will be fun. So without further ado!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Episode #005 - The Nature of Nature

In this episode we have a talk about the nature of magick. We listen to another track from The Evolutionaries. The first show contest is opened for entries. We continue with our journey through the Kybalion. We learn about Samuel Liddell Macgregor Mathers in A Corner in Occult. We reflect on the Eliphas Levi segment from episode #003. I share a personal tale of Will. And to close, we ponder the nature of nature.
Segments: The Nature of Magick, A Corner in the Occult: Samuel Liddell Macgregor Mathers, Poor Eliphas Levi, A Little Tale of Will, The Kybalion: Priniciple of Mentalism, The Nature of Nature.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

June 2009 is International Pagan Values Blogging Month!

Pax at Chrysalis blog has declared this June to be International Pagan Values Blogging Month (IPVBM) . At his site there are a number of individuals participating in this event so be sure to check out all the great thoughts and feedback that are sure to result. If you visit the event link in this post, the people who have left comments on his site are participating and their blogs can be found by clicking on their name. And yes I'm doing this as well. I just need to think about what I can contribute to this. Afterall, I'm not very opinionated and I don't have much to say. ;-)


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

We now have a chat room...

The show now has a chat room in case anyone would like to use it? Lets see how this one goes. The chat can be accessed via the website or for the sake of this entry click here.



Sunday, April 26, 2009

Still stilling....

Still here... Still moving... Though I am in the home stretch. After episode #005 is done, I'm going to try and stick to a schedule. I think the discipline that requires would help me and this show greatly. I have to be done with moving out by the end of April so I only have 5 days to go.

Thank you to everyone for being so patient with me during this time of insanity. Also for the future if any news is out regarding the show it will be posted in the blog first! This is the source for the show and the show website. Also, if I ever decide to stop doing the show I will tell everyone via a short goodbye episode so you will never be left hanging in regards to the state of this podcast.

Humbly 93,


Sunday, April 12, 2009

Thank You!

93 All!

Wow! I was just updating the website and I accidentally realized that the show website suddenly had a google Page Rank of 3 out of 10 which is a very proud accomplishment! Google doesn't just hand the ranks out trust me, this is the result of the pagan podcasting community and its listeners!

Thank you to everyone who made this possible!

Humbly yours,


Saturday, April 11, 2009

Episode #005 update...

93 All!

I am currently finishing with the script for episode #005 and I hope to have it out in the next week or so. Life has been getting hectic (how many times have I said that...? *scratches head*). The semester and the graduate program I am in is finally coming to an end so school responsibilities are getting heightened. Fortunately my thesis paper was due last week and this monday I have to turn in a CD of images and documents. After that, my final school obligation is the 108th Annual Student Exhibition (May 8th, 5pm in Philadelphia) which I will be in. So I need to have my artwork finished and ready for that. This is open to the public so feel free to attend if you like!

To further the amount of stuff going on right now, I am also moving in with my girlfriend which needs to be done by the end of this month. So, trust me when I say, that I have not forgotten about the show and I don't intend to stop doing it because I really love doing it! I realize episode #004 only came out thirteen days ago, but its been about four weeks since a regular episode of The Infinite and the Beyond has come out. So, I do feel obligated and guilty about that time gap. I only hope that the Episode #004 - Combocast with Haunted New Jersey has cushioned that lapse and that you found it enjoyable. I certainly enjoyed doing it and I have even listened to it many times since its release. Thanks to the guys from HNJ!

And for the record, I know of at least one pagan from down-under who is now hooked on HNJ! HA!

Anyway I am looking forward to Episode #005 and I hope to have it out very soon!

MP BB and 93!


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Problem resolved with Episode #003

Apparently there were some issues with downloading Episode #003 which have since been resolved. If anyone has any continued problems with this episode or any future episode be sure to let me know.

Thanks Doug from Japan for the heads up!

MP BB 93!


Monday, March 30, 2009

Episode #004 - Combocast With HNJ

And now for something completely different! This is our first combocast with Garret Husveth and Gordon Ward from Haunted New Jersey; this being their seventy third overall podcast and our fourth. I just want to let any new listeners know that this is not a usual episode of The Infinite and the Beyond, however, it is a fun one and I hope you enjoy it! Tara and I catch up with Garret and Gordon, we listen to evps, and cope with the blues band that was unexpectedly rehearsing in the room next to us. Don't worry, The Infinite and the Beyond will be back with its regular show format in the next episode, but until then I hope you enjoy this little treat with the guys from HNJ!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

ComboCast with Haunted New Jersey!

Tonight my girlfriend and I will be doing a combocast with the guys from Haunted New Jersey. So, it should be available in the next couple of days and found in The Infinite and the Beyond RSS Feed as a combocast episode. This will obviously not be a regular episode of The Infinite and the Beyond, but it is sure to be just as fun!

Be sure to check it out when it becomes available!

If you like, check out our appearance last year on HNJ by listening to Podcast Episode #55.

MP BB 93!


Sunday, March 15, 2009

The mice I left for the potential "ghost cat"

Episode #003 - The Secrets of My Success!

In this episode we acknowledge the use of glitter and discuss anomalous pets and what to do if you think you have one. The benefits of backgrounds and the freedom to wander through your path. We hear what composer Kristian Stout has evolved into. I say thank you to Kia Dragon from the podcast Pagan Chaos Magic. We learn about famous occultist Eliphas Levi in A Corner in the Occult. I respond to listener email and have some laughs doing it. We begin a new show segment with an introduction to my other favorite text. And we continue with our discussion on community by addressing covens.

Segments: The Ghost Cat, My Background and Path, A Corner in the Occult: Eliphas Levi, The Kybalion: Introduction and History, and Covens

Music: George Wood, Lumiloop, Alexandre Falcao, Linda Holzer, The Evolutionaries, Ted Tunes, 3vrn3n, and Persian Paladin

Links: The Evolutionaries, The Kybalion (text website), The Kybalion (pdf), A Pagan Heart in Maine, Celtic Myth Podshow, and The Wigglian Way

Credits: Podsafe Audio, Podsafe Music Network


Monday, March 9, 2009


I was not able to do the show this past weekend. Believe me, I'm not happy. However, the show is written and I plan on recording it very soon. The manuscript just needs to come back from the editor's desk. I want to get this show out to you all before the next episode begins filling my brain which could start any day!

MP BB 93!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Thank You! 10 votes so far!

I want to thank those of you who voted for the show on Podcast Alley!

We held #1 for almost two days *laughs* that is until we got pushed a side by The Darkside of Fey, The Wigglian Way, Pagan FM, 1 Year Audio Bible Podcast, A Pagan Heart in Maine, and A Witch's Primer. I knew it would happen eventually as those shows always find their way to the top because of the amount of listeners they all have. Hell, I voted for all the pagan shows I listen to including the one's which are currently out ranking The Infinite and the Beyond.

I'm excited to see how this month will end for The Infinite and the Beyond as I am attempting to have the next show ready for this weekend. Wish me luck!


Sunday, March 1, 2009

It's a new month on Podcast Alley

It's a new month and some of you know that Pagan Podcasters appreciate their rankings in the Religion and Spirituality category on Podcast Alley. For those of you who don't know each month the votes get reset and it is up to the listeners to make a difference and vote for their favorite shows. You can vote for more than one show, but you can only vote for a show once a month.

In February the show finished at 18th place which is pretty good for a new show. Thank you so much! That ranking was the result of 10 votes! Imagine what the show rank could be if we got 15 or even 20 votes for the month! I know at least 130 people currently listen to the show, so I know you are out there. :-)

In these beginning months I could really use your help in getting some exposure. Each month I need votes to get me high in the rankings of the religion and spirituality category on Podcast Alley. If you would be so kind as to send a vote my way I would greatly appreciate it. Just click on the link below, then click "Vote" and submit your vote.

Visit show page on Podcast Alley
If you are able to do so thank you so much!

Or, if you like, visit the official show website at and on the right side there is a "Vote Podcast Alley" button. Just click and submit.

Thank you everyone!

~ Chris

Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Show's PaganSpace Page

Along with Myspace and Facebook, the show can now also be found on PaganSpace!

That's it people. That's all I'm doing for now. :-)
Thank you for your support.

Time to get working on finishing Episode #003.
I hope to have it out next weekend. Wish me luck.


Friday, February 27, 2009

Thursday, February 26, 2009

PSA Regarding Episode #002

Hey all,

I just want to make an informal apology for repeating info several times in Episode #002. I did not realize that I had done it until after the show was released. Sorry for the slip up.

I have been listening to both episodes a lot to get a feel for what worked and how to do things better which is helping me tremendously. And for the record, I'm not going to plug the show website nearly as much and may only give the address and mention the website content at the end of an episode if at all. And I will no longer list what podcast services the show can be found on as the website provides all that information. I apologize. I wanted to say this here instead of in the next episode because here doesn't take away from show time.

Thank you.

This concludes my public service announcement.


Saturday, February 21, 2009

PodNova and promotional mp3 are now available!

The show can now be found on PodNova and I have just finished with a promotional clip for the show for other podcasters to use at their leisure. The clip can be found on the About Page of the show website.

Thank you!


Friday, February 20, 2009

Now on!

I've been focusing on having the show available every where possible and it is now listed on in case anyone reading this uses their service.

If you prefer a particular podcast service that the show is not listed on, please let me know and I will add it for you!



Sunday, February 15, 2009

Episode #002 - Beyond 93!

In this episode we talk about seeking community, we meet a common friend of heavy metal album covers and anti-mason propagandists as we learn about Baphomet in the regular show segment A Corner in the Occult. We learn just what I mean when I refer to occultism and the occult. And I offer some friendly discourse by elaborating on Thelema, its Laws, and how I personally apply it in my life as we go beyond 93!

Segments: Seeking Community, A Corner in the Occult-Baphomet, What is Occultism? and Beyond 93!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Now on Facebook

The Infinite and the Beyond now has a Facebook group. Check it out!

I warmly welcome everyone from the pagan podcasting community to join us there!

Later and 93!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Life and the next episode...

Well the first episode is out and has been for over a week. I have received some great feedback and would like to thank everyone for letting me know what they thought of the show. If you have not sent me your feedback, please do. I want to hear from you.

This past weekend the cold (flu?) that I had been harboring decided to show me who was boss. So, I was sick with a fever all weekend and I am now on medication for bronchitis. *sigh* I guess I should not have danced and sang so much at Imbolc the night before? So, as a result of not really feeling better by Monday, I want to the doctor and what he prescribed to me seems to be doing the trick (Thanks Doc!) so I should be ready for episode two by next week. By the grace of the Gods that is and any happy thoughts sent my way! Thanks.

Incidentally, I am currently in the process of compiling the manuscript for the next podcast episode and I have a new microphone to boot. I can't wait!

What's with the picture? I know, I need to shave and I look real happy next to my new microphone while wearing my Original Haunted Cape May Tour T-shirt. What do you want from me? I'm sick and tired... literally! ;-)

~ Chris

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Find us online!

Since the premiere of the first episode, the show can now be found on:

And hopefully coming soon too:

  • iTunes
  • Podcast Pickle
  • Pagan Radio Network
  • and other podcast community websites

This is so exciting. I'm having a ball with this show! Thank you everyone for your support!


Saturday, January 24, 2009

Episode #001 - The Curse of Being Weird

Description: In this introductory episode we introduce the listener to the show by discussing the title and its direction. We learn about Aleister Crowley in the show segment “A Corner in the Occult”. Later we address the issues with being an individual and what to avoid if you happen to be one of the cursed. And we finish the show with a look into pantheism.
Segments: A Corner in the Occult: “Aleister Crowley,” “The Curse of Being Weird,” “Could I be a Pantheist?”
Music: (in order of being heard) “Proteus” by composer George Wood, “The Eternal” by Lumiloop, “Piano Quartet in g 3rd Movement by Mozart” performed by Linda Holzer, “Drum and Bass” by Ted Tunes, “Eternal” by 1, “Spaces” by 3vrn3n, a soundscape project by M. T. Pierce. Music of the lithosphere, “Universe Inside You” by Persian Paladin.

Monday, January 19, 2009

The time is drawing nye...

I know some of you have been eagerly awaiting the first episode of the show and I apologize. I was hoping to have the show start in the beginning of January, but the first episode may not be out until closer to the end of the month. I hope to record it this week, but I don't want to make any promises that I may have to break.

I am new to doing this and so am being overly critical of how I conduct and write the show. I already recorded a version of the first episode, but the my gut told me to reconsider and to not be so quick to get an episode out. So, I am currently redoing the first episode. It has already been rewritten and I will soon hear some feed back from my editor (girlfriend).

Stay tuned as I hope to join the podwaves very soon!

Thank you all for your support!


Friday, January 2, 2009

Website Updates

The show website is mostly finished. Please check it out and let me know what you think by submitting a form on our contact page. It's about that time to begin with the regular podcast. I'm very excited about doing the show. Any thoughts, show submissions, suggestions are welcome by the listeners!

Check the website to see when the first episode comes out!

The new forum

After trying several forum hosting sites I have come across this one which may work out nicely.

Please join and begin posting.