Sunday, June 26, 2011

Episode #021 - Conspiracies and World Peace

 In this episode we look into the popular issues with conspiracy theories and uncover the truth behind what they are. Is the government really spying us? Do conspiracy theories actually reveal anything significant or is there something deeper and more personal behind their existence in the world? In A Corner in the Occult we visit early 20th century Germany and discuss the Nazis and the issues pertaining their possible involvement with occultism. Many people like to attribute their rise to power and the events pertaining to the Second World War to their involvement in the occult arts and even demonic influence. We also read some listener email and in The Essence of Magick we talk about visualization and astral projection. Learn why visualization is so important to the magickal arts and learn how to astral project in this episode's installment of this great and informative series! And to close, we finish the episode with a look into the ever present concern and pursuit for world peace. Take a new perspective on issues surrounding world peace and why it may not be the easiest thing to accomplish after all despite what some people and portray about this global issue.

Featured Music: Grace Buford,