Friday, December 23, 2011

Etched Offerings: Voices from the Cauldron of Story

Pagan story anthology  Etched Offerings: Voices from the Cauldron of Story is now available! Published by Misanthrope Press.

Featuring Erin Searles (Author), Juleigh Howard-Hobson (Author), JJ Beazley (Author), Cory Thomas Hutcheson (Author), Amanda Klink (Author), Kim Bowie (Author), Trevor Curtis (Author), Anne E. Johnson (Author), Elizabeth L. Clark (Author), R.S. Bohn (Author), Shanti Black (Author), H.D. Grogan (Author), Kenny Klein (Author), Ryan James Loyd (Author), P. Sufenas Virius Lupus (Author), Samantha Herne (Author), Inanna Gabriel (Author, Editor), C. Bryan Brown (Editor), Christopher Orapello (Illustrator), S.J. Tucker (Introduction)

Get a copy through..., Misanthrope Press, or get the eBook from Smashwords!


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Poster for the Play Pasadena Babalon

The advertisement for the CalTech play "Pasadena Babalon" which was about Jack Parsons.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Episode #024 - Between Oraia and Helene

In this episode we speak with fellow podcaster Oraia Helene from Between the Earth and Stars and talk about her recent changes with her name, doing her shows, how she balances her scientific side with her magickal side, and to close we discuss her work as a writer and podcaster and have a great time while doing it.  We also speak with Inanna Gabriel from Misanthrope Press regarding the new pagan story anthology Etched Offerings Voices from the Cauldron of Story.  In A Corner in the Occult, we learn about Scientist, Thelemite and 20th century Occultist Jack Parsons who, interestingly enough, has a crater on the moon named after him. Listen and found out why! And later in the show we discuss the Powers of the Sphinx in The Essence of Magick. To know, to dare, to will, to keep silent, and to go are crucial to the developing student of mysticism. Also in the episode we feature a great song from the Philadelphia band Espers an emerging indie band and we close the show with a special musical holiday treat from SCHOLAR the occultist and rapper. All this and more in this delightful episode!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Goodbye PDF Library...

The other day I made the decision to remove the PDF library from the website. It had been causing some concern regarding copyrights and such and I didn't want anymore issues with it so I took it down.  I apologize that there was no warning or forwarded announcement about doing so.  It all happened very quickly and it had to be done.

Other available resources include....

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Friday, November 11, 2011

Baphmetis Meditation

Introducing Baphmetis Meditation! A new podcast series that will be a nice compliment to The Infinite and the Beyond which I will still be producing.  No worries! ;-)

Baphmetis is currently available on iTunes in the Religion and Spirituality : Other category.

The podcast website can be found at

I hope to release weekly sessions for this podcast starting in December.  Right now there is a promo available as well as an introduction and two sessions.  This is a completely different and new show account with it's own RSS Feed so if you would like to be kept up to date please subscribe.

**Also... Baphmetis Meditation is on the look out for the best online independent Ambient Music composers to feature in some of the meditation sessions.  Any interested artists should contact for more information.


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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

TEoMS: The altar in relation to the body

In reference to the segment on Altars from this episode here are some pictures that better illustrate some of the points which were made.

 My personal meditation/ritual altar and is roughly the breadth of my outstretched arms.  I made this altar to fit my body. 

"Depending if one will usually be seated or standing before it, the height of one’s altar should be as tall as their navel. The depth should not exceed one’s reach. Nor should it be wider than a comfortable breadth of their arms ensuring that all items will be accessible to the practitioner."

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Some Great Images!

Magazine advertisement for The Kybalion

Firmament, Vault, or Expanse

Genesis Chapter 1 : 6 God said, 'Let there be a vault through the middle of the waters to divide the waters in two.' And so it was. 7 God made the vault, and it divided the waters under the vault from the waters above the vault. 8 God called the vault 'heaven'. Evening came and morning came: the second day. 9 God said, 'Let the waters under heaven come together into a single mass, and let dry land appear.' And so it was.

Just as a follow up to  a closing comment I made during the interview with Philip Deslippe regarding the once believed flat world and the dome which covered it.

Friday, October 28, 2011

On A New Computer

I'm on a new computer as I mention in the episode.  So, some website updates may be slow.  The new episode however is currently available for download. Enjoy!

Happy Samhain! Happy Beltane!

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The Kybalion The Definitive Edition

Episode #023 - The Kybalion with Philip Deslippe

In this episode we look into the history of The Kybalion with author Philip Deslippe, who wrote the extensive introduction for the newly released book The Kybalion, The Definitive Edition. Seemingly shrouded in mystery, The Kybalion has been a popular text for the last one hundred years and has been a big influence in many people’s lives. In the early episodes of this podcast we went through The Kybalion and the seven hermetic laws that it discusses. In our conversation with Philip Deslippe we learn about some of his recent findings in regards to the text and its author William Walker Atkinson and we wrap up our discussion with Atkinson’s lost book The Seven Cosmic Laws just now appearing in print. In A Corner in the Occult we look into famous American occultist, Tarot expert, and author Paul Foster Case. Not only was Case an initiate of the famous Alpha et Omega and even a Freemason, but he was also the founder of the Builders of the Adytum an Order following in the Western Esoteric Tradition which still exists to this day. Later in the show we discuss the magickal altar in The Essence of Magick, read some listener email and embrace some wonderful music by featured artist Jasmine Commerce. All this and more in this great enlightening episode!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

The book that caught Scott's eye!

This is the book that allegedly started Scott Cunningham's interest in witchcraft.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

TEoMS: The Four Elements

Here are some images that further exemplify the some of the points made in The Essence of Magick Series segment on the Four Elements.

The four lower points of the pentagram in relation the fixed signs of the zodiac which also emphasizes the elemental associations with the point of the pentagram.  This was discussed by Donald Tyson in his book Enochian Magic for Beginners.

Episode #022 - Life and Living

In this episode we talk about late Llewellyn author Scott Cunningham in A Corner in the Occult. Many Pagans and or Wiccans often find Scott’s books on their journey as Pagans. Many find his books on magick and religion uplifting and at times pertinent to their growing views on life and existence.

We also look into the idea of human flourishing and happiness and how to create it in one’s life. Are you happy? Are you flourishing? How would you define and list your values and virtues? Would you say that they are serving you and your life beneficially? Learn about virtue and Eudaimonia and how your life lives up to the teachings of Aristotle and other philosophers. See how some of the new virtue systems found in modern Paganism stand in comparison to a tried and true system which comes from Plato as we find an elementary way to update it for modern use.

Later in the show, I read listener email and we look at the history of the five elements in The Essence of Magick. Find out where the five elements of western occultism come from and how they came to be used in ritual magick. And to close we discuss suicide, assisted suicide and how they exist in relation to Paganism. Have you ever had someone in your life kill themselves? Have you ever known someone who died of a terminal, debilitating, and/or painful illness? How do the issues associated with suicide and assisted suicide relate to Paganism?

Promos: Druidcast,

Friday, September 9, 2011

Halloween Weekends at the Macomber

With Al Rauber from Haunted New Jersey

October 28 & 29 and November 4 & 5, 2011

$310 Package Includes:

2 night stay for 2 guests in a Jacobsen Room

Dinner certificate for Union Park Restaurant ( $70 value)

The Original Haunted Cape May Tour: Walk the darkened streets of Cape May on the original and only authentic ghost tour in town.  Named “The Best Tour in Cape May” 3 years in a row.

Lecture Program: “The Lizzie Tapes-A Paranormal Case Study”.  A power-point presentation developed from 2 different investigations into the very haunted Lizzie Borden House in Fall River, MA each of which were filmed for 2 different TV shows.  Hear numerous EVP voices captured during the investigations.  Some that may shed new light into the still unsolved gruesome case of double homicide.

Official Hotel Macomber Event Listing

**I took advantage of a similar package several years ago. The Hotel Macomber is a cozy place to stay.  It's directly across the street from the ocean and the Union Park Restaurant is wonderful! The Haunted Cape May Tour is great and the town is a beautiful. An all together great deal!

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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

In case you were wondering...


Researching and writing episode 22 has taken too long.  I admit it.  All four segments are demanding more than normal research and mental digestion.  Life has played a heavy part too. Energy and personal concerns have been infiltrating podcast work time, which just plain sucks.  I have a new author lined up for episode 23, and I have been tied up with 22. *sigh*

If all goes well, I should have episode 22 out in the next two weeks.  My sincerest apologies for the delay.

And for the record, no one has been asking, but my guilty feeling mind just needed to speak. 

You all rock!
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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Lineage Tree of Traditional Wicca

I just came across this and thought it was interesting to at least have and share here.  I'll hold from making any further comment.

Episode 22 is in the works though I apologize in that it is still being written.

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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Akasha Temple Live

Listen to internet radio with AkashaTemple on Blog Talk Radio

Thursday July 28th I was on Akasha Temple Live on Blog Talk Radio with Ruthann and Casey.  On the show I talked about the podcast, being a pagan, and then we focused on Freemasonry!

Thank you to Akasha Temple Live for having me!

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Sunday, July 24, 2011

South Jersey Pagan Pride Day 2011

This year's South Jersey Pagan Pride Day will be happening on Saturday October 1st 2011 in the stadium area of Cooper River Park in Pennsauken, NJ from 10:00am to 6:00pm.

Where: McClellan Ave & North Park Drive, Pennsauken, NJ 08109

Event Organizer: Amie Tolomeo

South Jersey Pagan Pride Website
SJPPD 2011 on Facebook
Pagan Pride Project: Mid-Atlantic Region

Sponsored by: Garden State Pagan Alliance
Event Benefits: Food Bank of South Jersey

In episode 21 I misspoke about the date for this event. The above info is correct.  I hope to see you there!

My apologies :-)

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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

#4 on iTunes! Thank you!

I just want to say thank you to all the new subscribers for putting this show in fourth place in the "Religion and Spirituality: Other" category on iTunes yesterday! The downloads for the show also doubled for the day which was a pleasant surprise. So, thanks again and I hope you enjoy it and stay with us for a long time.

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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Episode #021 - Conspiracies and World Peace

 In this episode we look into the popular issues with conspiracy theories and uncover the truth behind what they are. Is the government really spying us? Do conspiracy theories actually reveal anything significant or is there something deeper and more personal behind their existence in the world? In A Corner in the Occult we visit early 20th century Germany and discuss the Nazis and the issues pertaining their possible involvement with occultism. Many people like to attribute their rise to power and the events pertaining to the Second World War to their involvement in the occult arts and even demonic influence. We also read some listener email and in The Essence of Magick we talk about visualization and astral projection. Learn why visualization is so important to the magickal arts and learn how to astral project in this episode's installment of this great and informative series! And to close, we finish the episode with a look into the ever present concern and pursuit for world peace. Take a new perspective on issues surrounding world peace and why it may not be the easiest thing to accomplish after all despite what some people and portray about this global issue.

Featured Music: Grace Buford,

Friday, May 6, 2011

HNJ - Episode #55

The song in the above video was used in the beginning of episode 55 of the Haunted New Jersey podcast. Long before I ever started doing the Infinite and the Beyond, Tara and I had been invited to be on HNJ since prior to this I had sent them several EVPs that I recorded to play on their show which were featured in episodes 49, 51 and 52. Garrett never played music on the podcast so when he played this as we sat there starting the show in his studio it was a pleasant surprise and really set things off with a bang. I hadn't heard the song in years, but will always associate it with him and the time Tara and I appeared on HNJ.  I'm posting this here because I do not have permission to play the song on the podcast and I would like to keep to this recently installed policy for the show.

Direct Download HNJ Episode #55

Thursday, May 5, 2011

R.I.P Garrett Husveth from Haunted NJ

Last Sunday I was informed that Garrett Husveth from the Haunted New Jersey (podcast) passed away suddenly and this is news that I have been dealing with all week.  If you don't recall, episode # 4 of this podcast was a combocast with Garrett and Gordon from HNJ.  I'm posting this announcement because Garrett is a part of the history of this podcast and one of the reasons that I started this show in the first place. Also, some of who I am would not have been possible without his friendship, insight, and guidance which came from knowing him and the work he and the other guys from HNJ put into their show. Garrett will be missed by many. My deepest sympathies go to his friends and family. Rest in peace my Masonic Brother.

If you have never listened to the HNJ podcast, I strongly recommend it as they have an archive of incredible information, some of which contains insight that you won't hear anywhere else.  Their show is a crucial reality check for any serious paranormal investigator.  Be sure to check them out by clicking on the logo below or the link above to find their Libsyn page or search for them on iTunes while they're shows are still available!


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ra-Ra-Rasputin by Boney M

This song was in my head for weeks!  I even infected Tara with it. LOL

Enjoy, but beware it's very catchy :-)

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Chakras on the body

Monday, April 11, 2011

Rasputin (explicit images)

Grigori Rasputin

Grigori Rasputin

Grigori Rasputin (1869 - 1916)

Live in Joy Yoga and Wellness

Their gift wrapped sign.

Episode #020 - Reiki, Yoga, and Wellness

In this episode we go on location to talk about Reiki and Yoga with Janet Watkins from Live in Joy Yoga and Wellness in Audubon, NJ. Janet shares with us some of her experiences and insights as a registered Yoga instructor and Reiki Master. We learn about Russian healer, prophet, and monk Grigori Rasputin in A Corner in the Occult. Rasputin was the adviser to the Russian royal family during the turn of the 20th century which was an unusual position of power for someone who wasn’t born of Russian Nobility and it would be this position that would eventually lead to his elaborate and trial some death in 1916. He is often argued by some to have contributed greatly to the fall of the Romanov Dynasty in 1917, which was the last dynasty to rule over Russian. We speak with local musician Robin Renee who describes herself as being a Mantra-Pop recording artist, a wayward poet, an obsessive fangirl, and writes from the intersection of music, eros, and the Divine. We also feature several of her songs in during the show, discuss the ideas surrounding energy in The Essence of Magick, read some listener email, listen to some great music, and have joyful and insightful time doing it.

Featured Music: Amy Rigby, Robin Renee, 

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Robin Renee LIVE!

Robin Renee, Mantra-Pop recording artist, who is being featured in Episode #020 of The Infinite and the Beyond (podcast) which is currently in production, willl be performing live this Saturday, April 16th  @ 7:30pm.  

Coffee Works @ Voorhees Town Center
8109 Town Center Boulevard
Voorhees, NJ 08043

This event is Free!

Check her out online at

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Friday, March 18, 2011

Pagan Japan Relief Project

If you have not heard, the pagan community via Peter Dybing and the Proud Pagan Podcasters has gathered their efforts to help with the crisis currently unfolding in Japan. At the time of this post we have raised $19,374 for Doctors Without Borders.  Our goal is $30,000.

To view the article on the Proud Pagan Podcasters website click here.

To donate visit Pagan Japan Relief Project 

Please help if you can. Smaller donations are just as appreciated if that is all you can afford at this time.  The podcast donated $22.37 which included any processing fees.

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Saturday, February 12, 2011

The White Goddess

I just added a PDF copy of Robert Graves' The White Goddess to the Manuscripts page of the show website.


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Episode #019 - Dissecting Wicca

In this episode we dissect and learn about the contemporary pagan religion known of as Wicca. We speculate about some of its primary roots and influences and go into more depth than most books on subject ever seem to go. Find out what makes Wicca what it is and makes a Wiccan a Wiccan in this break down of the religion of Wicca. We learn about Doreen Valiente in this episodes edition of A Corner in the Occult. The famed Mother of Modern Witchcraft played a crucial role in the existence and development of Wicca throughout the entirety of the twentieth century. Doreen was one of Gerald Gardners early High Priestesses and later authored of several well respected texts on witchcraft and became the Patron of the Centre for Pagan Studies in 1995. In the Essence of Magick we look into the idea, practice, and significance of ritual initiation and the role it plays in groups and in religions such as Wicca. We even discuss the idea behind the popular modern Wiccan practice of self-initiation and looking into the reality and practicality of such a ceremony. I also read some listener messages and to close we discuss advanced Wicca and ways in which one can enrich their religious experience.