Saturday, June 26, 2010

Dr. Dean Radin: East Meets West

There a lot of videos on YouTube with Dr. Dean Radin and they're all very fascinating.

"Science and the taboo of psi"

A great lecture given by Dr. Dean Radin. Unfortunately the embed option has been disabled so you have to watch this on the YouTube website.

Global Brain Painting

This image changes ever 1.5 minutes and is based upon the feedback received from the random number generators of the Global Consciousness Project.  The software used to creare the image is called BrainPaint and was created by designer Bill Scott.  Further information regarding this image can be found by visiting Global Brain Painting.

Episode #014 - Magick with Dr. Dean Radin

In this episode we learn about the legendary French alchemist Nicolas Flamel in A Corner in the Occult. I read some of the listener messages that I received since the last episode. We talk with author and parapsychologist Dr. Dean Radin, senior scientist at The Institute of Noetic Sciences and author of Entangled Minds, Extrasensory experiences in a Quantum Reality. During the course of the interview we talk about the Global Consciousness Project, discuss his experiences as a research scientist and finally how his findings relate to the art and practice of magick. I also announced a contest which will occur in the next episode so be sure to enter if you are interested in participating. All this and more in this great episode, blessed be and 93!

Links: Dean Radin, Entangled Minds: Dean Radin's Blog, Global Consciousness Project, Jonathan Goodman, Global Brain Painting, Institute of Noetic Sciences, IONS: PSI Games, The Alchemy Website, Jungian Podcast, Title Goes Here:,, Proud Pagan Podcasters,

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Episode #014

I'm calling it... *wince*

Episode #14 should be out sometime next week. Just tying up some loose ends in the script.

BB / 93!