Thursday, May 2, 2013

Behutet Magazine

Behutet Magazine is the magazine that Jason Miller is a regular contributor to.

 Behutet, a Magazine of Modern Thelemic Magick and Culture, is a widely circulated 'zine of Thelesis Lodge O.T.O.

"Behutet" is an epithet for the Egyptian winged sun-disk.

The magazine focuses on magickal techniques, occult history and Thelemic culture in a modern setting. We strive to make the magazine as original as possible and as such we tend to avoid reprints of commonly available material and commentaries on same. As a practical technical journal we also tend to steer clear of poetry, with the noted exception of poetic Invocations and/or channeled writings.

If you are an artist, original artwork is always a welcomed addition to the magazine! Please speak with editors to discuss deadlines and guidelines.

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