Sunday, March 15, 2009

Episode #003 - The Secrets of My Success!

In this episode we acknowledge the use of glitter and discuss anomalous pets and what to do if you think you have one. The benefits of backgrounds and the freedom to wander through your path. We hear what composer Kristian Stout has evolved into. I say thank you to Kia Dragon from the podcast Pagan Chaos Magic. We learn about famous occultist Eliphas Levi in A Corner in the Occult. I respond to listener email and have some laughs doing it. We begin a new show segment with an introduction to my other favorite text. And we continue with our discussion on community by addressing covens.

Segments: The Ghost Cat, My Background and Path, A Corner in the Occult: Eliphas Levi, The Kybalion: Introduction and History, and Covens

Music: George Wood, Lumiloop, Alexandre Falcao, Linda Holzer, The Evolutionaries, Ted Tunes, 3vrn3n, and Persian Paladin

Links: The Evolutionaries, The Kybalion (text website), The Kybalion (pdf), A Pagan Heart in Maine, Celtic Myth Podshow, and The Wigglian Way

Credits: Podsafe Audio, Podsafe Music Network



  1. so i am currently listening to #3 hense commenting here to ..

    umm..thank you for the most excellent food for thought type of podcast, my favourite sort


  2. Thank you Pombagira! I hope you enjoy the rest of the current catalog of episodes.