Sunday, November 8, 2009

Now in 2nd Place on Podcast Alley!

Today the show went from 4th place to 2nd Place in the "Religion and Spirituality" category on Podcast Alley! Thank you everyone who made this possible!

Here is proof for the time being. At the suggestion of a Close listener, a screen capture was done to memorialize the event. Though only being November 8th, the show made it to second place, moving ahead of The Wigglian Way. It can only be assumed that The Wigglian Way will soon overshadow The Infinite and the Beyond similar to one of Godzilla's visits to Tokyo and The Infinite and the Beyond will have to yield the 2nd place standing to The Wigglian Way or to one of the other podcasts waiting to seize control. But for now... The Infinite and the Beyond will enjoy it's 2nd place standing if only for a short while.

It should also be mentioned that all the shows listed in the top ten of this screen capture are pagan podcasts and that sixteen of the top twenty podcasts are as well! WooWhoo!

BB / 93!


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