Wednesday, July 7, 2010

PSA: Website and NING Updates

In anticipation for the changes of

... I have updated the website and I created a YouTube Channel and a Flickr account so I added links for videos and pictures to the side bar for future show use.  I also added and moved some things around on the home page of the show website.

... I've made the decision to discontinue using a network feature for the show, because NING is now charging money and I didn't like any of the dozen other services I looked into to replace the NING Network.  So, any membership stuff will be done via Facebook since that is doing so well.  And when the next thing comes along to replace Facebook I'll move to that when it becomes popular.  For the record, I would have kept the NING network if they stayed with their free format.

... I've updated the links page by removing links that have become obsolete.

... I changed my mind on reinstituting the chat room on the show website because it never took off.  Now trust me I really wanted to have a show chat room too! I still have the itch for it. *scratch*

I think that's it.... Just wanted to make that stuff known.

BB / 93!

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