Saturday, November 27, 2010

Podcast featured on The Juggler!

I missed this article!

Thank you to Tim Titus, a writer from The Juggler (PNC Project), for his October 29th article "Voices of the Elders Part II: Voices of the departed" which talked about podcasts that highlighted the ancestors of the modern pagan movement.  Of the many podcasts mention, he closed part II of his article series by focusing on The Infinite and the Beyond, and stated:

"The best resource for a detailed education on our spiritual ancestors is The Infinite and the Beyond, hosted by Christopher Orapello."

He then went on to list the current 16 episodes (at the time) with their corresponding A Corner in the Occult topics for the interested reader/listener.

Thank you to Tim Titus for spotlighting the podcast and for the work that you do at The Juggler!

BB / 93!

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