Friday, October 28, 2011

Episode #023 - The Kybalion with Philip Deslippe

In this episode we look into the history of The Kybalion with author Philip Deslippe, who wrote the extensive introduction for the newly released book The Kybalion, The Definitive Edition. Seemingly shrouded in mystery, The Kybalion has been a popular text for the last one hundred years and has been a big influence in many people’s lives. In the early episodes of this podcast we went through The Kybalion and the seven hermetic laws that it discusses. In our conversation with Philip Deslippe we learn about some of his recent findings in regards to the text and its author William Walker Atkinson and we wrap up our discussion with Atkinson’s lost book The Seven Cosmic Laws just now appearing in print. In A Corner in the Occult we look into famous American occultist, Tarot expert, and author Paul Foster Case. Not only was Case an initiate of the famous Alpha et Omega and even a Freemason, but he was also the founder of the Builders of the Adytum an Order following in the Western Esoteric Tradition which still exists to this day. Later in the show we discuss the magickal altar in The Essence of Magick, read some listener email and embrace some wonderful music by featured artist Jasmine Commerce. All this and more in this great enlightening episode!


  1. Truly a very well done interview and discussion with Mr. Deslippe. His intro and background information and the bonus material alone is worth the price of the book as cited by Amazon. I am far behind in my desired readings but I will add this to my collection at some point while passing through the book store.

    I was impressed enough by the high level of discussion that I did download The Kybalion pdf ahead of schedule from whereupon deja vu quickly ensued.

    Such links provide a good source for those of us who cannot quite afford all the hardbacks we'd like to have, however, there's still nothing like having the real thing to hold and flip through. Besides, a laptop doesn't quite promote the same atmosphere as well as such a book does among the other things one might find on his altar/coffee table.

    You are much appreciated, Chris.

  2. I know what you mean Lloyd. I purchased a Kindle earlier in the year to accommodate books that I have as PDFs, but could never afford in hardback or to personally print out like Vol. 1-10 of Crowley's The Equinox. Though like you said there is nothing like having the real thing to hold and flip through.

    Glad you enjoyed the interview. Philip was a great guest and I hope to have him on again in the future. The Kybalion The Definitive Edition is a nicely done text and Philip's writing style is very engaging and easy to read.

    Be well!