Tuesday, November 1, 2011

TEoMS: The altar in relation to the body

In reference to the segment on Altars from this episode here are some pictures that better illustrate some of the points which were made.

 My personal meditation/ritual altar and is roughly the breadth of my outstretched arms.  I made this altar to fit my body. 

"Depending if one will usually be seated or standing before it, the height of one’s altar should be as tall as their navel. The depth should not exceed one’s reach. Nor should it be wider than a comfortable breadth of their arms ensuring that all items will be accessible to the practitioner."

Is level with my lap and nothing is out of my reach.

"The layout of items and accoutrements upon the surface of the altar is indicative of its purpose and use by the practitioner; though a general layout should be reflective of one’s personal cosmology to emphasize the microcosmic properties of the altar’s role in one’s religious, spiritual, and magickal pursuits."

A view from above.

"Coloring or decorating one’s altar with imagery is also primarily symbolic as well where black is a common color for its mystery and relationship to the vastness of the cosmos. Symbols and images which are often placed on the altar represent the relationship of the macro and microcosm as well as one’s personal religious beliefs."

The double cubed ceremonial altar.

"In ceremonial magic the altar is designed as if it were a double stacked cube to embody the union of the above with the below and is typically 36” inches tall making each cube 18” x 18” x 18” or if you use metric 90cm in height with each cube being 45cm in each dimension."

For the entire segment on altars please listen to Episode #023 - The Kybalion with Philip Deslippe.


  1. Yours is a very pretty altar with a certain feng shui influence in evidence. The real challenge is to also view this world, even the smallest most easily managable parts, as being your "altar" in this respect. The sense of order and purpose is quite rewarding as link to link is realized.

  2. Thank you for that thought Lloyd! You have definitely planted a seed in my brain. That's for sure.

    *mental gears turning*