Sunday, February 5, 2012

Forum update

I just deleted forum members who have never participated on the forum according to the host. If this applied to you, I apologize, but you will need to rejoin and introduce yourself to everyone.  I'm sorry for any inconvenience.

BB / 93! 


  1. In keeping with themes here, should you not have "cast them out" or something? Deleting them sounds so demeaning, like "push to delete". Honestly, I fail to understand how little traffic there is. Everybody is too busy? Your podcast remains excellent.

    I am not a robot, at least I don't think so... however, I'd like to think I am something of a tool.

  2. LOL. Delete was the name of the option. If I could make it "cast them out" I would as that does sound more fitting. At least I didn't ban their name so they can come back as themselves if they'd like to. ;-)

  3. I didn't "see" those you deleted, but I must wonder if there are some geo-political considerations involved with following this blog and/or listening to the podcast. They still have witch trials in come parts of the world and although I am not a "witch" I nevertheless find your show quite worthwhile, something which (no pun intended) might be held as evidence of my obviously evil nature if ever it came before a jury of my non-peers, if such be the case.

    I was joking on your facebook page about your tapping into the Chinese market to gain such download numbers but it could be something close to the truth. There is a huge incongruity between the downloads volumes and the human traffic seen on this blog or the facebook page. Do you do this blog just for my personal benefit or what? Perhaps the others are just really into the secret closet thing.

  4. Oh no!! I hope I wasn't cast out! I'm quite lazy when it comes to the written word, hence my stark presence; I promise to be a more reliable blogger from here on out;)
    Brandi Marino