Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Life and the next episode...

Well the first episode is out and has been for over a week. I have received some great feedback and would like to thank everyone for letting me know what they thought of the show. If you have not sent me your feedback, please do. I want to hear from you.

This past weekend the cold (flu?) that I had been harboring decided to show me who was boss. So, I was sick with a fever all weekend and I am now on medication for bronchitis. *sigh* I guess I should not have danced and sang so much at Imbolc the night before? So, as a result of not really feeling better by Monday, I want to the doctor and what he prescribed to me seems to be doing the trick (Thanks Doc!) so I should be ready for episode two by next week. By the grace of the Gods that is and any happy thoughts sent my way! Thanks.

Incidentally, I am currently in the process of compiling the manuscript for the next podcast episode and I have a new microphone to boot. I can't wait!

What's with the picture? I know, I need to shave and I look real happy next to my new microphone while wearing my Original Haunted Cape May Tour T-shirt. What do you want from me? I'm sick and tired... literally! ;-)

~ Chris

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