Friday, January 22, 2010

EVP Video "To Bring Things to You"

**Play at MAX Volume to hear EVP**

**EVP can be heard 5 to 6 seconds into footage**

While in the garage area of a home which is a separate structure from the house and completely empty, a very clear female voice was recorded in this video. It should be noted that throughout the investigation we had been making note of any outside noises like dogs or people which is evident in this clip by the noting of the barking dog. In this clip you first hear a dog bark but then you hear a quiet female voice speaking in the background saying "to bring things to you" which is the EVP. This EVP is then followed by two of the present individuals both saying "hello" at the same time. It is not believed that they are reacting to the EVP but are openly speaking out to the space. No one makes a comment about hearing the EVP and no one claims to have heard it during the investigation. The voice was found upon reviewing the audio and video footage.

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