Thursday, May 5, 2011

R.I.P Garrett Husveth from Haunted NJ

Last Sunday I was informed that Garrett Husveth from the Haunted New Jersey (podcast) passed away suddenly and this is news that I have been dealing with all week.  If you don't recall, episode # 4 of this podcast was a combocast with Garrett and Gordon from HNJ.  I'm posting this announcement because Garrett is a part of the history of this podcast and one of the reasons that I started this show in the first place. Also, some of who I am would not have been possible without his friendship, insight, and guidance which came from knowing him and the work he and the other guys from HNJ put into their show. Garrett will be missed by many. My deepest sympathies go to his friends and family. Rest in peace my Masonic Brother.

If you have never listened to the HNJ podcast, I strongly recommend it as they have an archive of incredible information, some of which contains insight that you won't hear anywhere else.  Their show is a crucial reality check for any serious paranormal investigator.  Be sure to check them out by clicking on the logo below or the link above to find their Libsyn page or search for them on iTunes while they're shows are still available!


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